Monday, June 8, 2015

Keeping Performance Fresh, New and Interesting

Yesterday my nieces Isabel and Alexandra Esch gave another wonderful dance recital with the Woodbury Dance Center 

What made their performances so moving and special, besides the fact that the two sisters were featured together in several dance numbers, is that Isabel is graduating and moving on. This was her final recital with this particular group. Their talent and years of hard work and dedication were gracefully displayed in a unique one-off event that will never be repeated. The ephemeral nature of performance arts is that they are passing. Momentary and fleeting, we will try to hold these poignant moments in our memory but they are transient. 

The performances were energetic, touching, expressive, aggressive, athletic, gentle, dramatic, surprising, strong and beautiful. So much feeling and care put into each and every number. The choreography was entertaining, the solos sensitive, the costumes fun, the music selection amazing. Wow! The show was awesome! The best one ever! I couldn't help but appreciate that the arts are alive and well in Woodbury!

The dancers, ending a long journey before starting a new one, also took time to honor deep friendships made, lessons learned, the commitment of their inspiring instructors and generous parents. But how do these gutsy girls remember all those steps? It seemed like they never repeated a single move! There will be more dancing however this exact performance will never be repeated.

"I never want to repeat myself. I can't imagine anything else as 
upsetting as realizing I'm redoing something I did before." Doug Liman

When others are being creative it inspires me to be creative too!  So I am reminded to keep our own performances fresh, new and interesting. Some of the tunes we’ve added to our set list and performed recently include Happy by Pharrell Williams, Lost Stars by Adam Levine, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker. Watch for the Paul Esch Trio to bring out the WOW factor this year with new arrangements, originals and guest artists.

Way to go girls! Hope to see you soon. Warm regards, Uncle Paul 
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